About Rigscope

Rigscope International provides managed pressure rotating and or reciprocating technology solutions within a closed bop up to full working pressure.

The Rigscope APT embodies a unique patented redundant seal configuration that transfers the bop from its intended by design static state to a dynamic state.

Once the APT SYSTEM is located within the bop there is no reason to cycle the bop until the job is complete saving $$$. The APT’s special proprietary workstring will glide through the bop effortlessly without any friction or upsets thereby giving the driller real time indicators. You’ll be amazed by the pickup and slack off under pressure is identical to what it was before the annular is in full closing position.

The patented technology completely protects the bop from wear and tear during degrading operations outside the norm such as STMZ fracking which could require hundreds if not thousands of feet of workstring and multiple tool joints to be stripped through the annular bop.Also note that by activating the annular SSBOP prior to performing risky operations eliminates depending on a person and the unpredictability of the annular performing in an emergency.  Most failures occur when the bop is demanded upon from a standby position much like a home generator. By preemptively setting the bop into the (in-service) state prior to risky ops you’re in a much safer environment much like buckling up your seat belt. You wouldn’t wait to buckle up your seat belt until on-coming traffic crossed the center line, would you?

Also, remember that the workstring has a rough exterior on the tube section that is stripped through the static elastomers, and not to mention tool joints that are tonged damaged every roundtrip leaving slivers of steel protruding acting like a knife each time they are stripped through a static seal element (AKA) doughnut.

Safety to the crew, environment, rig, with operational benefits to boot. (WINNING)!

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