The Quality That We Require

Is the Quality That We Provide.

The Quality That We Require

Is the Quality That We Provide.

Knowing that safety, quality and turnaround time for our tools would be paramount to our success, our most viable option was to perform bucking and testing of our equipment at our own facility – under our own quality management process. Our investments in experience and equipment provide a unique value to Rigscope as well as anyone that requires third-party bucking and testing services for their tools or equipment.

Bucking and testing services that we rely on – and you can, too.

Rigscope’s 22,500 square foot facility in Schriever, Louisiana was designed with two things in mind: Precision and Control. Every decision that was made during the build out was to optimize our in-house operations – increasing efficiency, ensuring reliability, and mitigating potential risk. Our massive, climate controlled shop floor features a state-of-the-art bucking machine for complete tool assembly and new, high-efficiency testing equipment. From the time your equipment enters our facility, until it leaves, it is safe from the outside elements, and under the care of our QA professionals who treat your equipment with the same care as our own. By keeping our operations under one roof, we reduce overhandling and outside influence that could negatively impact our process. Our goal is to ensure the integrity of your equipment, and assist you in getting it in-service, as soon as possible.

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Custom-manufactured to Rigscope’s specifications, our bucking unit is 145’ long with a capacity of 105,000 ft/lbs. Designed to accommodate pipe from 3.5” to 17.4” OD, it exceeds many facility’s capabilities, in terms of tool length and OD capacity. After a visual inspection and any necessary cleaning and thread preparation, our experienced technicians can completely assemble and torque your tools according to manufacturer’s specifications, prior to testing – all within a single facility.


Once testing prep has been completed, our professionals work with you and your third-party inspection service (if required) to schedule and complete hydrostatic testing of your tools or equipment. Our new, state-of-the-art hydrostatic testing equipment is designed to reach higher pressures, faster, reducing overall testing time by approximately 90% – ensuring that your equipment is ready to go in-service as soon as possible.

  • PLC Automated Controls with Multi Test System
  • Pass/Fail Test Indicator
  • Pump 1 Pressure to 9000 PSI/Displacement 7.8 CU in per cycle
  • Pump 2 Pressure to 22,500 PSI/Displacement 2.8 CU in per cycle
  • Pump 3 Pressure to 1,000 PSI
  • 30,000 PSI Maximum Working Pressure
  • Air-Powered Triplex Quick Fill System

317 Old Highway 659
Schriever, Louisiana 70395