Casing Scraper

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Regardless if you are drilling a new well or reworking an old one, mechanical cleaning of the casing ID is recognized to be a critical part of successful completion operations. This is especially true for fluid filtration and proper setting of sealing elements and slips used in downhole tools.

For almost 60 years, our casing scrapers have proven to be a preferred solution. Its staggered blades provide 360-degree coverage to insure 100% removal of rust, cement sheath, perforation burrs, scale buildup, or other debris adhering to the ID of the casing. It’s large internal diameter and blade block placement allows circulation at high rates for maximum wellbore cleaning. Its robust design can withstand the roughest high-speed rotation and reciprocation in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells.


  • High strength mandrel is made from heat-treated alloy steel bar stock with integral tool joint connections. There are no welds or castings which can compromise the tool, strength of the string or which have to be inspected after every run.
  • Spring loaded blade blocks are positively retained in their pockets by solid machined shoulders. There are no fasteners or other parts that can loosen causing malfuctions or that can be lost causing fishing jobs.
  • Our spring design provides some of the largest working ranges in the industry; will save trips and reduce inventory requirements.
  • Heat-treated blade blocks provide maximum strength and durability.
  • Angled cutting edges of blocks and bevels on the body prevent the tool from hanging on casing connections or when entering downhole restrictions.
  • Our scrapers are available in sizes for API and non-API tubing and casing ranging from 2 3/8” to 20” OD.