DeltaScope APT

Pressure Control: In Real Time… No Damage… No Drag.



The first-and-only-in-class option for rotation and reciprocation at full working pressure: DeltaScope®

No two projects are the same; even with similar scope and operating conditions, challenges exist. The patented DeltaScope® Annular Protection Tool (APT) is precision-engineered to facilitate the management of a variety of downhole operations with unprecendented accuracy. DeltaScope’s proprietary pressure control at the wellhead protects the annular blowout preventer eliminating costly damage and reducing downtime without compromising subsurface functionality. Safety, precision and reliability – at full working pressure. That’s the DeltaScope® difference.

DeltaScope® APT was designed to replace outdated and unreliable methods of controlling pressure at the wellhead during downhole operations. It can be used in multiple operations, including fluid displacements, wellbore cleanout, hydraulic fracturing, drill outs, pressure pumping and managed pressure drilling – among other applications – making it a trusted choice for a variety of pressure control needs.

DeltaScope’s® proprietary dual-seal system is first-and-only in its class, allowing rotation and reciproaction of the workstring through the BOP, under full working pressure – with virtually zero friction. By eliminating drag from the annular seal, an operator can better monitor downhole tool manipulation, in real-time, allowing accurate visibility of critical downhole functions.

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